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Ramblings of a Resident Writing Mom

because all kids have to sleep eventually...

7 October 1970
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As a creative person who spends way too much time at the computer than is probably healthy, there is little to tell you. I have kids, cats, probably grass that needs mowing or snow that needs shoveling, housework to do, and plotbunnies screeing around in my head at all hours of the day. My current favorite dream is to own a timeturner, a better word processor that knows exactly how to spell what I want to say, and my own Rumpelstiltskins of words to keep in the corner for when my own well runs dry.

Look what I did. I won an ah_gayfiction challenge. What do you know. They even made an icon for me. Thanks camliawaite

I finished my 100 fics for bodyandsoul100 This is what I get.

Nice, huh?