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Author Spotlight: Nykola Dementiuk

I thought I would try something a little bit different today. A sort of spotlight on an author I'm just getting to know and who's books, while I haven't had the leisure time to read yet, have got me really intrigued. I briefly talked about Times Square Queers a couple of posts ago over on my LiveJurnal, but that got me interested to go search out what else Mykola has on the go and I came across his blog and more books! Who doesn't need more books, am I right?

Although, I admittedly ostly lurk on the forum Myck most appears on, since that particular forum is chuck full of authors I greatly admire and that brings out my shy in a big way, I've noticed he seems to be a pretty soft-spoken, understated kind of guy. Or maybe that's cyberspace mellowing him a bit :) All I know is that he seems to be a kind heart and a well-spoken man

So first, here's a bit about him that I lifted from one of his publishers, JMS Books:

About Mykola Dementiuk

A Ukrainian born in West Germany, Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk grew up and survived on New York's tough Lower East Side streets, which are now a bare echo of what they once were. He is the author o Holy Communion Lambda Awards Winner 2010/Bisexual Fiction) Vienna Dolorosa, Times Queer, n 100 Whores. His other writings in e-book ar Dee Dee Day, Variety, The Spice of Life, Murder in Times Square, Times Square ... in Brooklyn?, Queers of Central Park, A Sucker for the Circus, Times Square Cutie and Stallers, More Tales of Times Square Cuties, n On the Prowl.

For more information, please visi mykoladementiuk.com.


And his latest release, Always Looking, from JMS Books Always_Looking_400x600

"I started going out early with girls and guys, not for sex because at that age, who the hell knew what sex was?"

With those words, Danny's coming-of-age begins. From the gloomy, stifling hallways of high school in the 1960's to the vast expanse of 1970's New York, young Danny explores the complexities of love and lust in the arms of Luba, a girl he believes himself in love with, and then in the company of various men, from whom he learns his true nature.

Raised by a poor, single mother whose upcoming marriage to a second husband threatens Danny's shaky world, Danny finds that accepting -- and ultimately embracing -- the unpredictability and promise of his future means letting go of the past and taking the leap of faith he knows he needs in his journey to maturity.


And I'm sort of, well, no, not "sort of" I' definitely tealing a bit right off his blog to introduce the one I really, really want to read the most: Kinky Pubes"
quot;Kinky/Pubes" is out now! [Last October] Autobiographic novella about a young man lost in alcoholic consumption until he meets a man who will set him straight and refuses to take any crap from him. A short novella but more truthful than anything I've ever written before From JMS Books.

I'm always pleased to find new authors to read, and I hope a few of you find something here to intrigue you.  And Myck, thanks for hanging out and offering your quiet encouragement. You never know who's listening, maybe, but I thank you for just being around as an example of yet another author who makes this business, and our tiny corner of it, worth the hassles.


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