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Book Talk (Amy Lane) and new shoes

Not that the Book talk has anything to do with the shoe shopping, but hey. Check this out.

2014-04-05 16.38.30

Cute Shoes. 'Nuff said

On to Amy lane and the boys from Johnnies.

ChaseinShadowLGI've read the three current offerings. I had put it off a long time because of the talk around how heart-rending Chase, from Chase in Shadow was rumoured to be. And yes, he was sad, confused and, bless him, pretty fucked in the head. Not a huge shock for an Amy Lane Character, truth be told. I was surprised that I managed to like him, though. I sort of thought I might have a hard time empathising, what with the girlfriend and the boyfriend at the same time, but Amy is kind of magical in that, as it turns out, liking him was not at issue. Also, I've been suicidal, so I get that. And I thought the book would be too much. It wasn't. In fact, it turned out to be one of those instances where I thought...this is what all the angst and fuss has been about? Really, my heart kind of broke for Tommy more than for Chase. In the end, turns out, I was procrastinating for nothing. It was a fantastic book and I loved it, and it really didn't angst me out all that much.


Enter Dex. Chapter one broke my ever-lovin' heart. But having seen so much of Dex in Chase's book, I already knew he was sort of on his feet, if not quite perfect. So the heartbreak was not as deep as it might have been if I didn't already know the man who'd grown from the boy in the first chapter of his own book. And Kane. I mean seriously. I want a Kane. There is nothing not to like about Kane. He's thoughtful, sweet, bossy, temperamental, maybe a bit unfocused and hard on himself, but overall, he's pretty damn near perfect. And from the first time getting to know him, there was never really a doubt in my mind that Kane was going make Dex a safe and secure place to not be in charge of every damn thing and person around him. They're just an awesome couple, and really, this was a truly feel-good book for me. Of all of them, this will be a re-read, for sure.


Ethan. Dear, sweet, broken, lonely Ethan. Just when I thought I was getting out of an entire Amy Lane series intact, along comes Ethan. And does anyone ever think to warn a girl about him? No. For the love of all that is sacred, people, why the hell not ?!?! Where is the solidarity? Where the compassion for your fellow readers?

I knew, from Chase and Dex's books, that Ethan was fragile and needy. Just the glimpses were enough to know that about him. But it didn't prepare me for the desert of emptiness that surrounds the man. From the moment we meet him as a five year old boy to the day he bumps into Jonah at the pet food store, there is a no-man's land of nothing around him. And that, my friends, is the thing that ripped me open and made me bleed. Like Kane, I never doubted Jonah for even a single moment. But unlike my certainty for Dex, I had moments where I wondered if even Jonah could cross that arid plane of ALONE to reach Ethan and make his world right. And you know that with Amy, sort of like with Joss Whedon, there's never a guarantee everyone makes it out alive, let alone unscathed. Certainly, I never get to the end of her stories unchanged as a reader. That, right there, is sort of what frightens me about her books, and, of course, what I cherish about her writing. The Johnnies Boys are no different. I'll be bracing myself for John himself. When his tale is told, I'm pretty sure it'll be a doozie.


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